The KLAP, stand-alone video recording studio

Opened in May 2018 on the Sophia campus, the KLAP, is a video recording studio. It is open to the SKEMA, students and staff. It is possible to record an interview, to comment a PowerPoint presentation or to present a project in perfect lighting conditions together with image and sound quality. This studio allows professors,... Lire la Suite →

A new website for the KCenter

This month we are launching the new KCenter website! We designed it for an easy access to the KCenter services' offer to allow all members of the SKEMA community to learn, explore, propose... This is a real companion website that we want to evolve with your user experience and usages. The first major innovation is... Lire la Suite →

Passport, a powerful tool for global statistical data

Passport is a global market research database that provides insight into markets, economies and consumers around the world. Passport provides access to the global economy with more than 115 million internationally standardized statistics. Passport analyses markets and consumers: lifestyles, demographic trends and socio-economic analysis for each country and type of consumer down to the city... Lire la Suite →

The Sophia KCenter is growing!

Since the beginning of the academic year, the space dedicated to event has become the KCenter hall. As for the Lille and Paris campuses, with 290 square meters this new space  can hold 100 people and has a multi-campus video conference system, sophisticated installations whRaleigh in the USA and Belo Horizonte in Brazil.ich allows video... Lire la Suite →

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