Business database, company information

The purpose of this article is to give students an overview of what our databases can offer. During your course, you may need to find out information about companies.  This guide will help you to find some of the key resources to use. The type of things you might want to find out include: Company... Lire la Suite →

Financial Data

You are looking for company financial data. Search the KCenter data bases: MarketLine: Tab Companies=> search a company=> 102897 companies Financials (Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Financial Ratios, Key Financial Charts)SWOT Analysis Tab Databases=>Company Report Generator: You can access the following reports: -              Company Snapshot -              Company Profile -              Company Financial... Lire la Suite →

Industry Sectors

You are looking for a sector, Search the KCenter data bases: Statista: Here you will find reports in various formats. They include files that allow you to analyse statistical data to take stock of a theme or sector, sector reports (Sector reports include key data such as financial balance sheets, companies, employees, R&D, etc.), reports... Lire la Suite →

Find out the KCenter’s digital resources …

The KCenter puts at your convenience databases to help you in the development of your different academic works... You will find bibliographic databases, sectoral studies, companies... Here are the selections: Emerald - academic articles in management science from the Emerald publisher - access to 247 periodicals. Proquest - includes 5 databases: ABI/INFORM Collection, Accounting, Tax... Lire la Suite →

New databases – Statista and Marketline

For this new academic year, the KCenter  provides you access to 2 new databases, both specialised in the search for information on different economic sectors, countries and companies:   STATISTA  Statista is the reference portal for statistics from research, market and opinion institutes as well as for data from different economic sectors: statistical data, macroeconomic data on countries, computer graphics, sectoral data, studies on the digital economy. MARKETLINE   MarketLine Advantage integrates four databases: Business Insights, Country Statistics, Market Data Analytics and MarketLine. It provides analysis on individual industries, companies, markets and countries: industry reports with competitive analysis (Porter), company reports, SWOT analyses, company news articles, M&A data, country studies, including PEST and PESTLE studies.   Through these two databases, we answer a growing demand for this type of data and information at the international level.  For  further information:

IN TEST – Expert Briefings on EMERALD

Test until 31 October 2020 Expert briefings. These are expert reports, proposed by Oxford Analytica, which provide answers to macro-economic and geopolitical events. They provide numerical forecasts and indications of the impact of events as they occur. In many cases, they provide the analysis in english of complex events as they occur in the fields... Lire la Suite →

Cambridge Core

The KCenter provides you with the Cambridge Core platform, the main academic platform of Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press currently publishes more than 380 academic journals covering topics in the humanities, social sciences and science, technology; as well as more than 40,000 ebooks. How to search for content on Cambridge Core - Click on... Lire la Suite →

Press Reader : Online press in test until June 23rd

The KCenter now offers you test access to Press Reader, a new online press database. Press Reader offers you access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries and immediately available in more than 60 languages. News, business, technology, entertainment, culture and more. Discover the Press Reader catalog, access your favorite publications... Lire la Suite →

OXFORD’s platforms tests until June 30, 2020

Oxford offers a discovery test of its platform of e-books, scholarly research review, academic works and reflections on a wide range of topics. Discover: University Press Scholarship - A vast and rapidly-expanding online research library providing full-text access to the best scholarly publishing from around the world, making disparately-published scholarship easily accessible and fully searchable... Lire la Suite →

Find articles with EMERALD database

EMERALD at the KCenter is 222 journals with more than 100,000 articles to consult in full text (for this, select "Only content I have access to"). The articles are in english and specialize in the following themes: - Accounting, finance and economics - Management and strategy - Human ressources - Engineering - Knowledge management -... Lire la Suite →

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