Pedagogical partnership with Wooclap

The Innovation and Research Transfer Department is pleased to announce that SKEMA has just initiated an educational partnership with the Wooclap platform.

Wooclap is a platform that allows you to dynamize your classroom or distance learning courses and to measure the comprehension of your students thanks to interactive questionnaires.
If Wooclap has been created to promote interactivity and participation in the classroom, it is also relevant for live and asynchronous distance learning courses: here are some videos to help you understand the features >> Live and asynchronous distance learning Wooclap. Wooclap will allow you to prepare for the hybrid Fall 20.

How do you connect to Wooclap? [SSO connection]

Don’t you have an account?

To create your Wooclap account and start using the platform, you can go to this link and select your « SKEMA Business School » to log in with your SKEMA credentials [Office 365].

You already have an account?

Have you logged in with your SKEMA address? You now have access to all the functionalities.

You logged in with another email address?

You can go to this link and select your « SKEMA Business School » to log in with your identifiers. You will then be able to import your events from your first account to your second account.

Your students can also use Wooclap during their presentations.

For all questions:

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