New databases – Statista and Marketline

For this new academic year, the KCenter  provides you access to 2 new databases, both specialised in the search for information on different economic sectors, countries and companies:  


Statista is the reference portal for statistics from research, market and opinion institutes as well as for data from different economic sectors: statistical data, macroeconomic data on countries, computer graphics, sectoral data, studies on the digital economy.


MarketLine Advantage integrates four databases: Business Insights, Country Statistics, Market Data Analytics and MarketLine. It provides analysis on individual industries, companies, markets and countries: industry reports with competitive analysis (Porter), company reports, SWOT analyses, company news articles, M&A data, country studies, including PEST and PESTLE studies.  

Through these two databases, we answer a growing demand for this type of data and information at the international level. 

For  further information:

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