New : 23 e-books from Pearson Editions

 PEARSON VITAL SOURCE : one selection of 23 e-books from Pearson Editions

By logging in to the Pearson Vital Source portal you can read online or download 5 e-books maximum for 7 days.
Once you have passed the SKEMA authentication page (e-mail and SKEMA password),

  • You are now on the platform of our Pearson e-books offer,
  • You have the possibility to create an account (a pop-up window will open) that allows you, via the free application Vital Source :
    •  Download up to 5 e-books during 7 days and read them.
    • To add notes, which you will find again when you use it later.

  To create your PEARSON copy: Enter your SKEMA e-mail address and complete the requested data

Discover this offer : PEARSON VITAL SOURCE

  • If you do not wish to create an account :
    Click on  » No thanks, I’ll skip this step  » (1st image), you will be able to read the e-book in online mode and therefore no downloading or notes possible.

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