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Here you will find reports in various formats. They include files that allow you to analyse statistical data to take stock of a theme or sector, sector reports (Sector reports include key data such as financial balance sheets, companies, employees, R&D, etc.), reports on the state of the economy, and reports on the state of the environment. Forecasts on the development of the sector are available until 2023. The precise content of these reports varies by industry and country).

  • AREAS COVERED: 5236 sectoral analyses (reports=> Industry Reports), and 80,000 themes: agriculture, consumer goods, retail trade, construction, cosmetics, e-commerce, energy and environmental finance, finance, insurance and real estate, the wine industry, media and advertising, connected objects, social networks, natural resources, health and pharmaceuticals, companies, services, sports and leisure, technology and telecommunications, transport and logistics, travel, tourism and accommodation, etc. ;
  • GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE: data from more than 50 countries;


Browse by Sector allows you to select and display all content available for each of MarketLine’s 19 core industry sectors. 

Browse by Analysis => Industry Analysis=>Industry profiles: 3,759 analysis reports

Industry Profiles give a clear picture of the key dynamics in each sector, including analysis of factors affecting the sector’s performance, details of the leading companies operating within each country or region, new entrants, key suppliers and levels of competitor rivalry. Concise and accurate, Industry Profiles include five-year forecasts, practical application of Porter’s Five Forces analysis, and company financial metrics.

Industry reports include PORTER’s 5 market forces model.

Company profiles including SWOT analyses, main competitors, products and services, and strategic orientations.

PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological Environmental and Legal) environmental analysis by country and by major cities around the world.

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