Using Teams for online courses

TEAMS is part of the OFFICE 365 suite offered at SKEMA for the courses. It is an interface to access all your Office tools, your files, your documents and much more!

Thanks to its « online meeting » function, it is the essential tool for live online courses since March. It is also used by some teachers as an extension of these meetings in order to continue sharing content and continue the dialogue between two courses.

To help you quickly feel at ease with TEAMS, to facilitate the connection on the day, to make exchanges with the teacher and the class more fluid, the KCenter team provides you with several PDF tutorials in French and English.

-My first steps on Teams: What is Teams? How do I access my account? How do I use Teams at SKEMA?
-Joining a team on Teams: How to join a team created by a teacher? How do I find a team?
-Participate in an online course: Recommendations and best practices, access to the online course, use of features.

These tutorials are available here in the KCenter Academy area on K2.

Do not hesitate to contact the KCenter if you encounter problems in your use of TEAMS:

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