Covid-19: new temporary resources

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many publishers provide with full or partial access to their collections to the academic community.
Each access is limited in time but it will allow SKEMA teachers and students to remote access from many additional resources during this health crisis.

List of publishers (updated regularly):

  • ACM Digital Library (until 30/06) – Access to all digital ressources in computing.
  • Bloomberg (until 31/07) – Free access to news. Note: create your account with your email address SKEMA.
  • BNF – Permanent access to thousand free resources online.
  • (until 30/06) – Access to digital resources on economic news.
  • (until 30/06) – Access to digital resources on news.
  • Cairn (until 31/05) – Offers a free trial of books, Que sais-je ? and magazines.
  • Collège de France (access during the confinement period) – Access to 200 free downloadable books.
  • Le Robert Dictionnaries (until 30/06) – Access to online dictionnaries:
  • Ebook Central (Proquest) (until 16/07) – free e-books collection
  • ECONBIZ (until 30/06) – Publications about the economic impact of the coronavirus.
  • Editions législatives – Free access without authentication to all online daily press titles (les actuEL).
  • Elgaronline – E-books selection in science of management.
  • ENI (until 30/06) – E-books in IT – Access available only for teachers = account activation request
  • EuromonitorDownload the webinar on the implications of COVID-19 for the global economy.
  • HAL (permanent access) – Multidisciplinary open archive of research scientific articles and of theses.
  • Harvard Business Review Press (until 30/05) – Harvard Business Review Press e-books collection.
  • JSTOR (until 30/06) – Access to additional journals + access to a collection of e-books.
  • Lexis Nexis – Access to Lexis Actu publications.
  • MIT Press (until 30/06) – Free access to the e-book.
  • Navis (until 30/05): extended access to all Navis for all subscribers – Form to be filled in.
  • Moody’s (Bureau Van Dijk): free resources on COVID-19 economic and business impact. Note: create your account on your first access.
  • ONISEP (access during the confinement period) – free access to ONISEP publications (click on Connexion / Login : onisep2020 et mdp : onisep2020).
  • Open Edition (books + journals) (access during the confinement period) – Portal for online books and journals in the humanities and social sciences.
  • OXFORD (until 30/06) – Platforms of e-books, scholarly research review, academic works:
  • PEARSON (until 31/05) – Full text access to 5 books of your choice (be careful, you cannot modify your selection). Note: create your account on your first access with your SKEMA address only.
  • Persée – Permanent free access to complete collections of scientific publications (journals, books, conference proceedings, etc.).
  • PressReader (until 23/06) – Access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from over 120 countries and available in more than 60 languages.
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Thesis Global (until 16/07) – Collection of dissertations and theses from around the world.
  • ProQuest Psychology Database (until 16/07) – Access to key psychology titles.
  • ProQuest Coronavirus Research Database (permanent access) – Articles related to Covid-19.
  • Retronews (until 28/05) – Free access to National Library of France (BNF) archives from 1631 to 1945.
  • Science Direct: Coronavirus Information Center: access to last research on the topic with more 26 000 articles.
  • Science Direct: Freedom collection: during this period, access to the e-books until 7/07.
  • SMART by Altares (until 30/06) – Data on 11 million French companies, including 4 million active companies. Fill in the form to get your access codes.
  • Springer (until 31/07) – Free access to an e-books selection
  • STATISTA (unlimited, the time of the crisis) – Access to all statistics and market data.
  • University California Press (until 30/06) – Access to all journals in the humanities and social sciences.
  • University of Michigan Press (until 30/06) – Access to all collection of e-books.
  • Xerfi (permanent accès) – Reports on the impact of Covid-19 in 16 key lines of business.

Have a good consultation and take care of yourself…


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