Econbiz : the database on economic literature

You now have access to EconBiz, on the KCenter website which groups the SKEMA research tools. 

EconBiz is a powerful tool for searching information on economic literature worldwide. It was launched on the initiative of the ZBW, the world’s largest economic library based in Hamburg. This service is constantly evolving thanks to the cooperation of an exchange group bringing together the largest international universities and business schools, of which SKEMA is now a member. 

EconBiz offers… 

  • A literature search across important German and international databases, including the holdings of ZBW 
  • An access to free and licensed full texts on the internet 

EconBiz for students: 

  • Scholarly publications in economics and business studies for your bachelor and master thesis. 
  • Highly ranked journal articles and articles from books. 
  • Free full texts, e.g. current economics and business studies working papers. 

EconBiz for researchers: 

  • Articles in journals and books – from Germany, Europe and the world 
  • Current working papers from economics and business studies (…) 

Other services are available, please contact the SKEMA KCenter for more information. 

EconBiz for research institutions: 

Please contact the SKEMA KCenter 

You can find EconBiz in the list of the available databases on kCenter Website. 

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