KCenter expands the team

The KCenter welcomes three monitors to its team on the campuses of Lille, Sophia and Paris to help students and increase the time slot of the KCenter on the different campuses.

La Fusée #Lille
Maxence Padua joined the crew of La Fusée (KCenter Campus Lille) in October 2019 and will be present until April 2020. Always in a good mood, he has a sense of welcome that he was able to develop during his previous professional experiences. He has knowledge of the information system offered and the services provided by the KCenter for students. He also became co-president and soon president of the Enactus SKEMA Lille association in 2020. He is committed to developing his ESS-related business project and therefore benefits from Enactus and SKEMA Ventures.

Mediathèque #Sophia Antipolis

Mathieu is the monitor of the Médiathèque/KCenter in Sophia Antipolis. Mathieu’s mission is to welcome and guide students, he sorts and classifies books and sometimes does some moving work… Fortunately, he is a sportsman 🙂 And always in a good mood!

KCenter #Paris

Ahmad Bouzaien joined the KCenter in Paris in November 2019. Available and smiling, he is there every night to help students, guide them and answer their questions. He is also very tough and has the heavy task of managing the logistics of the KCenter and the storage of spaces and equipment. If you need information, you will probably find it in a KCenter room to store tables and/or chairs.

Our monitors are here to help you, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact them !


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