Newspapers and magazines 100% free only for students !

KipUp is a digital kiosk 100% free and only for students. It allows to download and read more than twenty press releases, with or without Internet connection.


The use of KipUp is free and only for students !

Easy to use

KipUp delivers to students the best newspapers and magazines as LeFigaro, Liberation, L’Equipe, Society, Newsweek.

How to use KipUp ?

To benefit from KipUp service, you just have to download the App on the App Store or the Google Play with one of those links:

Télécharger KipUp sur l’App Store

Télécharger KipUp sur le Google Play

In order to benefit from KipUp contents, you just have to register. It can be easily done inside the App.

With your student card and a valid e-mail adress, you may create your own account. If all the informations is given, you will immediately start reading your favorite newspapers and magazines in KipUp !

A member of KipUp team will check your student card. If it is invalid, the access to the service will be denied untill a valid card has been submitted.

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