Digital and informational skills: KCenter Academy, a training space on K2

During your studies at SKEMA, you will have to acquire the information and digital skills which are essential today, and the methods of working online, remotely and collaborative. To enable you to have a better learning experience, the KCenter, with the KCenter Academy, is launching an online training course for the 2019 academic year on the K2 e-learning platform « Digital and Information Literacy » in four essential modules:

– Digital working environment at SKEMA: K2 and Microsoft Office 365

– Accessing knowledge: discovering the information search tools and collections offered by the KCenter.

– Research and validate information: research methodology, know how to evaluate and validate information.

– Information and knowledge ethics: value of information, copyright, plagiarism, ability to cite sources and use bibliographic management tools.

At the end of this interactive and fun journey, including evaluation tests, you will know your work tools at SKEMA. This will allow you to search for information, but also to evaluate, validate and exploit it in respecting copyright in order to avoid plagiarism and possible sanctions.

This course is very important to enable you to acquire essential skills and tools as part of your studies at SKEMA, but also for your future professional life. Do not neglect it!

To access this online training, log to your K2 space with your login and click on « KCenter Academy » in your course overview :


If you have any problems, please contact the KCenter for any question:

Good discovery!

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