The KLAP, stand-alone video recording studio

Opened in May 2018 on the Sophia campus, the KLAP, is a video recording studio.

It is open to the SKEMA, students and staff.

It is possible to record an interview, to comment a PowerPoint presentation or to present a project in perfect lighting conditions together with image and sound quality.

This studio allows professors, for instance, to record their pedagogical videos easily and in full autonomy.

The video can be shot with different background colours. The green background allowing to produce post-production overlays.

A touch pad will allow the setting of the video camera (height and wide shot or zooming), to start or stop the recording.

Then, the video can be downloaded on to a USB memory stick or on the user’s  One Drive account once connected to Office 365.

A step by step user guide in French and in English is available in the studio.

To use the KLAP, you are required to book the date and time you want by filling in the online form:

When the reservation is confirmed you can retrieve the key of the studio from the Library at the KCenter.


Le KLAP is located next to the Crous sandwich bar.

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