Passport, a powerful tool for global statistical data

Passport is a global market research database that provides insight into markets, economies and consumers around the world.
Passport provides access to the global economy with more than 115 million internationally standardized statistics.
Passport analyses markets and consumers: lifestyles, demographic trends and socio-economic analysis for each country and type of consumer down to the city level.
Finally, this tool helps to quickly assess the size of the market, the market environment and the competitive landscape and market positioning of companies.

All data can be exported as spreadsheets and graphs.
The KCenter team gives a special mention to the enormous work done in visualizing the data in the form of interactive dashboards to visually explore the data.

To be used specifically:

  • for all your market research works,
  • for your statistical data needs,
  • to obtain complete country data for your work in International business and export,
  • To understand the current economy with drivers of growth, competitive landscapes and macro trends

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