All you need to know about European Data Protection Regulation

On 5 February, at the Sophia-Antipolis campus, SKEMA KCenter hosted a talk that is relevant to many different sectors and activities: the regulations on data protection. These European regulations will become official on 25 May in all European countries. They impose new rules to guarantee that personal data are well protected and are exploited only with people’s consent. The regulations will also deal with the right to wipe out data and its portability.


The RGPD will apply to all organisations operating in Europe that propose goods and/or services on the EU market when their activities deal with the personal data of EU residents. Firms, associations, public institutions, local authorities and firms whose HQ lies outside the EU (but that operate within the EU) and their sub-contractors will all be subject to these rules. It is a follow-up to the 1978 CNIL and is supranational.

The talk with an audience of 100 opened with a speech by the Pôle Intelligence Économique de la Gendarmerie des Alpes-Maritimes (Alpes Maritimes Police economic intelligence) on the theme “the impacts and challenges of RGPD… Punishments?”.
Virgine Langlet (CIL, Département des Alpes-Maritimes) and Maitre Isabelle Cantero (Partner of the Cabinet Caprioli & Associés, head of the section Vie Privée, Sécurité et protection des données personnelles) then answered one of the central questions: how to prepare for this new European ruling? They presented the six-step methodology proposed by the CNIL.
Finally, Marjorie Billaud (Consultant for firms in economic intelligence at the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur) presented a training package for firms on conforming to RGPD .

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