The Sophia KCenter is growing!

Since the beginning of the academic year, the space dedicated to event has become the KCenter hall.

As for the Lille and Paris campuses, with 290 square meters this new space  can hold 100 people and has a multi-campus video conference system, sophisticated installations whRaleigh in the USA and Belo Horizonte in Brazil.ich allows video conferences between SKEMA French campuses, Suzhou in China,


Skema B3A
project model

A Microsoft Surface Hub, collaborative screen equipped with cameras and microphones on which several participants can write and even share with other teams located in Lille or Paris.

It is also an innovative and attractive architectural project to accompany the fast growing evolution of pedagogy, thus allowing many uses. Tables and chairs on wheels complement this modular space according to everyone’s needs.

sdrLego serious playdav

The KCenter hall is open to all the community: students, professors, staff and business partners.

The KLAP is available from the KCenter, it is an automated video recording studio located next to the KCenter hall.


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