KCenter in Suzhou

This new academic year had been a good opportunity for the KCenter to be present in the Suzhou Campus. These days spent in China allowed us to introduce the new e-learning platform (K2) to the students and staff members. We also talked about databases access and all the Office 365 tools in the particular conditions related to Chinese network.

A lot of changes impacted teachers & student’s academic life. It was the perfect time to enforce our link with the Chinese campus and its staff, in particular with the big challenges that are the current changes especially the new e-learning platform named K2.

After a testing and adjustments period, K2 is now perfectly functioning in Suzhou. K2 was presented to the staff & students who wished it. Also all the KCenter tools had been introduced notably scholarvox, the unavoidable e-books’ platform especially in China where books in English & French are not easy to find.

Office 365 also continues to be deployed and has been presented despite the limitations of the local network. Office 365 SKEMA ambassadors have been able to handle some of the numerous tools at their disposal from this Microsoft service. Even if it will take some time to optimize the collaborative tools access, no doubt that these tools can potentially and radically change our current work and communication habits. Especially regarding Teams that enable to create collaborative workspaces easily shareable between all different SKEMA BS communities.

Many thanks to the whole staff of the Chinese campus for their warming welcome, dynamism and professionalism. And a special thanks to Bo Deng and Celine Zhang.

Also thanks to all the students for their interest and their investment in the school life. Be able to see some familiar students that were previously in Lille campus has been a real pleasure.


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